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Unanswered customer emails damage your reputation. Moreover, most potential clients will never return for your product or service because ignoring their messages makes them feel unimportant. However, once they experience good customer service, they’ll recommend your brand to others –– and you’ll get new leads. So, you need to keep your customers’ emails responded to, but it isn’t always that easy. Especially if your company lacks an email customer support agent or the whole team of email support reps. If you’re currently facing this problem, we’ll be glad to help you right away!

Our company specializes in building dedicated email customer support teams. We can find agents with proven experience in your industry who speak several languages and are ready to ensure 24/7 customer email support. Since we work on the Ukrainian market, we leverage access to a pool of top remote answering service email representatives who can join your current team or become your new team in several weeks. Our hiring procedure is transparent, fast, and very effective, so you’ll equip your business with professionals without devoting many hours to this task. That’s because our team uses mainstream approaches to the recruiting process and boasts years of experience in finding decent agents for various businesses. And we know that it’s always better to anticipate problems than to search for the solution under pressure, so check the signs below.

Signs to Outsource Email Customer Care

Good email customer care needs to be professional, so your team of email agents has to be competent in the company’s products and workflows. This way, you can maintain your reputation and grow customer loyalty. Each answer to a query should be personalized to prove that your brand cares about every client. And the feeling of being valued alone can motivate the customer to buy from you and increase your sales. So, email customer support is essential to keep your company competitive. That’s why it’s vital to monitor the quality of the email management services you provide and keep an eye on the signs below. It would be best if you expanded your team when:

Customers’ emails remain unanswered for 24+ hours

Today, a timely response to your clients is nearly a 100% guarantee that they’ll buy from you. But once you demonstrate poor customer care, an angry prospect can tell the whole world about it. This way, you risk losing more than one potential client. So, when processing questions, don’t make your client wait too long –– and hire more support agents.

The average time of resolving a query is too long

This can happen because your team is overloaded or lacks expertise. Hiring people takes time, and you probably think that those two agents can cope with 200 emails a day. Well, this could be quite a challenge for them to keep your customers loyal.  Underqualified specialists are also a problem that can’t be fixed within a couple of days. But email customer service outsourcing is a solution for both issues.

Your agents struggle to classify and quickly access emails

You probably started with a single email address, and one of your managers answered a few messages a day. But six months later, nothing has changed, and you drown in folders classifying your inbox messages? This is a sign that you need proper software to manage your clients’ queries. With a professional automation solution, you can save a little on personnel and hire a part-time virtual remote email chat support specialist without spending weeks on training.

3 Benefits of a Dedicated Email Support Team

After you understand that your email support needs its own support, you can approach this problem in two ways. The first is to hire a group of internal agents to embrace email communication with your customers. And the other is to outsource a team of professionals for these purposes. And here are 3 benefits that the outsourcing solution can offer:

You have lower payroll costs

That’s possible because we hire Ukraine-based specialists, and this country boasts top-level email support agents for cost-effective salaries. The local US or European professionals will offer their services at higher rates, while experienced email answering agents from Eastern Europe will help you save up to 15% of your money.

You save on admin expenses

Our cooperation format assumes that you can focus solely on working issues while we care about all the rest. This way, we can optimize administrative expenses for your customer care representative email & chat support team, so you’ll have to pay minimal rental and utility fees allocated to each team member.

You leverage a greater level of expertise

We help you get a better balance of professionalism and remuneration since we access the Ukrainian market of email support professionals. And local specialists possess exceptional skills and years of expertise in your industry while offering their services at rates lower than their US and European countries.

Types of Email Queries Outsourcing Email Specialists Can Handle

Email queries vary greatly depending on the business sector and services or products you offer. But outsourced email support services specialists we provide can assist you with:

Email Support

Even an auto-reply email about ticketing your customer’s inquiry has to be crafted with a human touch. Only then it provides your clients with a good customer experience. And growing the number of satisfied leads boosts your chance to grow conversions.

Client Onboarding

Welcoming a client to your platform needs to be short and engaging. Catchy subject lines and non-overwhelming content should motivate the newcomer to provide his feedback about your product. So, your remote answering service email agent is here to keep your business competitive.

Client Retention

These emails are aimed to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty. From the business owner’s perspective, retaining current customers is crucial because it’s cheaper than acquiring new ones. That’s why these emails are vital for business prosperity.

Presales Emails

Putting the suitable base for your sales success is what needs to be done professionally. As with promotion emails, you can attract new customers and hen current clients into repeat buyers according to your customer retention strategy. And with our experts, you can close more deals.

Upselling Emails

Offering more products to the person who already has some items in his cart is an art. Sounding urgent but not pushy together with proper personalization can grow your sales. That’s why you need a dedicated email customer service outsourcing expert to handle this type of email.

Cross Selling Emails

These emails offer complementary products to those your client has already purchased. That’s why such post-purchase emails are a real challenge for inexperienced support agents.

Technical Support Emails

Technical issues happen every day, but their proper addressing and resolution make your software more reliable and business – more successful. Still, an employee who boasts technical skills, knows your software features and has a personal attitude to clients is precious. 

Industries That a Remote Email Support Specialist Can Serve in

Remote specialists help customers resolve issues from various industries; that’s why it’s essential to hire professionals with relevant working practices. Here are some of the sectors in which our agents are sophisticated.

EdTech. Educational technology companies are super popular, and the number of educational platforms only grows. And access to courses on various operational systems, multiple technical issues, and educational questions require a professional touch.

Tech companies. These include all businesses related to electronics, software, and internet services. The Big Five (Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google) refer to this category. And this sphere can’t survive without skilled customer support.

FinTech. These companies use technology to deliver various financial services, so each email customer support representative has to possess high qualifications. Resolving technical issues related to finance needs to be addressed to tech-savvy professionals.

SaaS. These are internet applications that embrace a great variety of services. And, since customers use them for various purposes, software support specialists need to possess deep knowledge about the service and technology behind it. 

Health and wellness. This industry keeps growing in popularity among individuals and corporations that offer wellness programs to employees. So, why not have sports fans as outsource email and chat support agents for these companies?

Other industries. Our support specialists also craft emails for companies from different sectors like manufacturing, construction, real estate, agriculture, legal advice, insurance, FMCG, biology, medicine, e-commerce, marketing, sales, and many more.

Reasons to Outsource Answering Services with Us

We’re always trying to meet all requirements of our clients and are glad when your business becomes more competitive with our outsourcing services. But if you’re still hesitating about contracting us, consider these reasons:

Access to a great pool of talents

Since we work in the Ukrainian job market, where specialists boast impressive expertise and skills, finding agents with proper knowledge and experience is not an issue. We can find specialists from various industries who can professionally approach your customer queries.

Professional recruiting techniques

We guarantee the speed and quality of sourcing a qualified live chat & email customer support rep. This is possible due to the advanced approaches our recruiters employ. They use traditional searching channels like job portals and social media and leverage the comprehensive referral and affiliate network.

Multilingual specialists

Ukrainian professionals we work with can offer email support not only in English. And, except their top skills on the topic, they can ensure support to customers from different countries and cultures.

Overlapping working hours and 24/7 support

Since Ukraine is situated in the middle of Europe, its operating time differs for only several hours with the businesses located in Western Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. Moreover, some of our remote email tech support agents offer round-the-clock service and are ready to change shifts to cover your non-working hours too.

Transparent and flexible cooperation process

We strive to deliver personalized solutions to each client from recruiting to long-term cooperation. This means that we consider every feature of your business and email customer support workflow to offer the most effective solution. And your wishes and engagement are always appreciated while we source and interview candidates.

A fixed fee

You won’t have to worry about arranging various activities related to your remote team: paying salaries and taxes, transferring rentals and utilities, purchasing software and equipment, providing onboarding or retention. Instead, you delegate all these activities to us and only pay one pre-agreed amount once a month.

Building a Remote Email Support Team: a Step-by-Step Process

It’s always a pleasure for us to hear that clients appreciate our transparent working process, and we want you to benefit from it too. Here’s how we work:

You complete and send the contact form below, and in a couple of hours, our managers will get in touch. We check your requirements which include both hard and soft skills. Moreover, we find out as much as possible about your corporate culture to source candidates that fit your business environment best.

Our recruiters initiate a search, arrange pre-screening and interviewing of candidates. They usually make a larger pool of your potential co-workers at this stage, but within 2-3 weeks, they’re ready to show you a shortlist of the candidates that meet your requirements. You’re welcome to engage in every stage of this process. 

After choosing the future remote email chat support representative, we prepare a job offer and send it to the candidate right away. Once accepted, we draft the cooperation contract where we state all terms and expenses related to your team member. Once signed, our HR team does the onboarding: they explain internal requirements to the email specialist and introduce him or her to the team. 

Each month you pay a fixed fee according to the terms of the agreement and get a split of all incurred costs. These costs are always pre-agreed with you in emails, so you’ll never be surprised with the numbers. And our cooperation is very flexible –– once you need to extend your email answering team, we’re ready to source new candidates.

Build a dedicated email customer care team in Ukraine and never miss a new client!

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